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Pacific Senior Care Services, we are known as a very compassionate and caring agency. Our office is located in the heart of Walnut Creek. We walk and breath in every step our core values: Love and compassion.

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Kelly Gonzales 

Founder - Chief Executive Officer

Pacific Senior Care services was created with a mission for change, caring deeply for each senior, providing placements and senior referrals services, as a result improving their quality of life creating a peaceful environment for seniors and people with disabilities.

My story,

My name is Kelly Gonzales, and I am the founder and CEO for Pacific Senior Care Services, LLC.

Finding my purpose in life was so rewarding all these years, helping families and people in need, positioning myself as an advocate with any senior resource for the elderly community.


My story unfolds in 1989, looking back at my life as a young woman immigrated from a beautiful country in South America. I brought with me the riches of all the fortunes, my beliefs. The best in me was the values and the foundation my parents gave me back home, and with that I had to make the best of it. I know dreams come true if you have faith and work hard to get it with a lot of passion and dedication, no matter of the doubt's others put on you in the beginning of something new.

My father was the most inspirational person in my life, my hero, who showed me tenacity, perseverance and strength all along this journey. He helped me to embrace who I am and to never forget where I came from. So, I started from ground zero in this country putting back myself to college and working in different capacities throughout my life and going into the financial industry in many roles from personal banker to General Branch Manager until one day on the year 2014 discovering my calling as a woman entrepreneur and creating this eldercare services, Pacific Senior Care Services. For me, titles did not matter much in my life, because at the end of the day you need to be proud of who you are as a person. I always gave the best of me in every job I had in my career, because I was thankful to have the opportunity to work, learned and provide for my family.

I know God help me to get where I am now. I owe God everything.


Qualifications and achievements


- Ms. Kelly attended Columbia college graduated with associated degree in tourism and commercial aviation in 1989.

- Ms. Kelly attended college in San Francisco Bay Area and got her science degree in cosmetology and general business management in 1992. 

- Ms. Kelly attended The American College of Financial Services for her Bachelor of Science and CFP designations on financial planning to keep sharpening her skills on business. 

- Over 26 plus years of experience in the financial and insurance industry.

- Ms. Kelly began her career in 2014 on the senior and healthcare industry, launching Pacific Senior Care Services.

-Mrs. Kelly Gonzales is Founder and Executive Director for Pacific Senior Care Services LLC. in California since 2014.

-In 2018, Mrs. Kelly had the opportunity to serve as a marketing consultant and helping with her expertise training the marketing coordinators from assisted living facilities in Southern California, Pasadena. 

-Pacific Senior Care Services has been awarded and recognized since 2015 from different organizations. 

- Ms. Kelly Gonzales is a former Regional Manager for a home health company in Northern California.

- She is a former Marketing Director for a senior living community in San Francisco Bay.

- Ms. Kelly Gonzales is an Insurance and Financial planner in the Bay Area since 2004.

- She is Former Vice President - Bank General Manager since 2004-2012 in San Francisco, CA. 

- Pacific Senior Care Services was honored to receive for 5 consecutive years The Best Senior Care Organization Awards from 2015 to 2020

-Pacific Senior Care Services LLC received the 5th annual Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards in the category of Client Service Excellence Award 2020-2022 "Best Elder Care Placement Services Provider" - Northern California

-Ms. Kelly Gonzales in 2021, partnered with a marketing insurance company and acquired National Gonzales Insurance, enhancing the senior services with senior insurance planning.

-Kelly Gonzales is a Founder and Broker for National Gonzales Insurance in San Francisco, CA.

-In 2022, Pacific Senior Care Services LLC, opened her second branch in San Mateo County located in the heart of Foster City-San Mateo -Providing a full-service agency in both locations.

- Member of the National Care Planning Council - NCPC. 2014 - Current

- Bilingual in English and Spanish.




 Our Mission Statement

 A commitment to helping elders with love and compassion and helping families to make the life of their loved ones better with dignity and respect through professionalism ​and outstanding service.


Our Visio

Our vision is a future where all elders are well care for, and families will be an important part of their lives. Breaking the cycle of loneliness and abuse for the elderly population.

Core Values

Compassion-Always listen, observe, understand and assist.

Respect- Always treat others with courtesy politeness and kindness.

Excellence-Always focus on customer commitment.

Integrity- Always honor your commitment.

Love- Always show empathy and caring to others.













In 2010, my father got a severe stroke unexpectedly, while staying in the country house gardening. It was his favorite place to relax and enjoy nature, he called it "his work of art" but suddenly that day turned to be different.


When I got the news about my father, I was attending a bank meeting in the City of San Francisco. I was in shock about my father's incident, and the only thing I wanted at that moment, is to be with my loving father.


It was a life changing experience for my whole family and for myself. We had to deal with many emotions, and it was so difficult seen my dad reach a point of needing around the clock, once when he was the one who had provided for his family for all these years.


It became obvious at that moment, that my father will need help in order to come home and stay in it. So, my family and I had to make decisions on finding someone to help us with all this tragedy. We were very overwhelmed with the whole process, trying to search for a good, reliable, compassionate senior care service, mainly searching for that "Peace of Mind" that every family needs in a time of need.


Finally, we were able to find the right person to assist with my dad's health and recovery stage, taking into consideration my mother's well-being.


I know at first hand; how desperate anyone can be in this situation and how important "Peace of Mind" is for everyone involved.


I always believed that everyone has a main purpose in this life, and I kept thinking about my father and how difficult it was putting all the right people to help out in a time of need.


After a lot of thinking and praying, I decided it was time to put my years of experience, talents and skills to work doing something that will impact people's quality of life and making a difference on others in the community.


On 2014, I was able to launched & operated Pacific Senior Care Services, helping seniors and putting my company as a resource to provide the right choices with many services for the senior community.


The word "Pacific" means peaceful, preserving peace, tranquil.... This is our commitment to you, creating a peace of mind, bringing comfort and joy to the families and loved ones.


God has been very good to me, and I am thankful to be in this journey with you.... God blessed you!


@ Your service,


Kelly Gonzales,


State License #OD34502


This company is in honor to my father, Dr Luis A Gonzales who went to be with the Lord in February 2021. 

Always in my Heart -







We are a reliable full service senior care and resource agency. We are an advocate for seniors and their families navigating the different elder care services with a kind and caring way.

We offered elder care planning, senior placement services, caregiving services and referral services.

  We offered a free of charge personalized services.

Helping them to find the right senior community or an independent living community with the best care and lifestyle.

What we do

*We offer a free consultation on our valuable services and resources.

*Always preserving confidentiality and clients' rights.

*We offer a one-on-one elder care planning consultation.

* We will create a care management plan working together with the social workers and team.

*We will be able to give you recommendation and resources base on the loved one's care and financial needs.

*We will do a comprehensive assessment to determine the level of care your loved one's needs.

*   Working for you in negotiating rates within your budget.


*Our approach is very personable, because all the license senior communities have been inspected and visited by us. 


*Assistance with long-term care planning


* Assistance with Veterans Benefits.

We have flexible schedules and work 7 days a week.

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